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The First Step

I am, once again, beginning this journey into the world of blogging.  I have been driven to it by my friends on facebook etc. who say I must find a way to “get with the program.”  This blog will be linked to my Windows Live profile – so look for me there.  It is interesting that I am starting this when I am in a dramatic change in my life.  For the past, almost 3 years, we (me, my spouse, my twin boys, and my three dogs) have been living in North Georgia.  It’s been 3 years of hate and discontent.  I’ve never liked it here, and my frustration with this environment has grown with each passing day.  But, my husband kept saying how much he liked it and out of love for him, I stayed and tried to make it work.  I have always had this unique ability to know when I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.  In some instances, it wasn’t the place, but the situation that needed changing.  However, if the situation didn’t change quickly, it wasn’t long before a change of place would occur.  Almost 2 years ago I stood on our back porch, waving my arms and stomping my feet, and yelled at my sweet husband, “Come on! Wake up and smell the coffee!  We don’t belong here!”  Finally, even he could no longer deny the irrefutable evidence and we are in the process of moving back to Florida.  YAHOO!

Perhaps the question has arisen regarding how I knew this wasn’t our place in the world.  I will enumerate.  1)  I couldn’t find a job.  I did work for a short period of time twice, but the first position was a really bad fit and my boss was an insecure, manic-depressive with control issues.  When she screamed at me and collapsed into hysterical tears in the middle of the buildings lobby in front of all my co-workers I knew I had to resign.  The second job was an hour away, but I really liked it.  I was speaking Spanish everyday and genuinely liked my co-workers.  However, it was a temp position and due to budget constraints they had to let me go.  Which was a good thing in the long run as gas prices soon jumped to $4.00 a gallon and I would have been losing money just to get there.  I continued to search for other jobs but did not get a single nibble on my resume.  Not one call back or request for interview, not one!  Which was a shocker.  I’ve never not been able to find a job, any job, when I needed or wanted one.  I’m college educated and have a diverse background of experience.  I also have an enviable job record and veterans preference in hiring.  It didn’t make sense.  So, obviously, we didn’t belong here.

2)  We have had nothing but drama, clerical and financial, with the mortgage on our home.  Which will be covered in future blogs.  Trust me.  It will be a page turner.  But, the upshot, due to no fault of our own is we had to file bankruptcy about 9 months ago to keep our home out of foreclosure, and the clerical issues are still not resolved.  It should be interesting to see how the courts are going to handle it when we say the bank can have the house back when we currently hold the title on our  home free and clear.  You get the picture.  Complicated story and more proof we did not belong here.

3)  Our best friends in the whole world, the reason we moved here, no longer speak to us.  That is also a whole seperate blog and one that must be handled delicately.  I’m not sure I’m ready to be that careful or that caring – so it may wait for quite awhile.  Let’s suffice it to say, a 20 year friendship may have been irreparably damaged because of a burrito.  My husband and I call it “The Burrito Incident.”  My best friend calls it “Burrito Gate.”  Another indication we were hanging on to a dream that wasn’t real.

4)  My husband has had the worst luck and lack of real opportunity to further his career.  In short, although he’s been working, either the pay was lousy or the situation intolerable, and a lot of this is linked to the burrito incident.  Further, insight will be offered in up-coming blogs.  However, this has been the icing on the proverbial cake.  He finally walked in the door about 2 weeks ago and said, “I’m ok, I’m at peace and I know we should have never left Florida and that we should go back.”  After my subdued, “Alrighty then.”  I danced across the living room floor shouting, “Thank God!”      It sucks to be broke and lonely and to be constantly facing inexplicable legal, financial, relational, spiritual, emotional, and career challenges.  Every week we have been here it has been one issue after another.  No week has gone by without some drama, all of it with no explanation and none of it making sense.  I’m continually amazed when looking back how I have continued to get out of bed each morning and face the day, the week, the month, the year.  I know that God has been faithful through these dark days and I am seeing the fruits of my prayers blooming and growing.  Everything makes sense eventually with God lending you His perspective.  Which will be the on-going central theme of these blogs. 


In these dark times, it’s important to see the hand of God in the affairs of men.  Some blessings are disguised as challenges, but that doesn’t change the blessing that comes out of them to those who believe.


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